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Case study

Global Manufacturing Firm Automates Web Apps

Customer : A World leader in Manufacturing of laboratory equipment

Business Need

Customer needed to carry out validation of the application that require more than 3 hour for each TC that can lead to inefficient testing.

Scheduled regression takes 15 days of work with 48 part numbers including all the product lines.

How did we help them?

Created new framework that:

  • Automated all pages in application with POM design pattern
  • Generated test data using desktop tool automated with Winappdriver tool

Maintained all data at one place in properties file.

Will help stage the data for testing which reduces man power by almost 50% and up to 80% for some specific projects related to collateral changes

How did they benefit?

100% Test coverage was achieved

With POM design pattern, it reduces code duplication and improves test maintenance.

The benefit is that if the UI changes for the page, the tests themselves don’t need to change, only the code within the page object needs to change. Subsequently, all changes to support that new UI is in one place.

Every Information about GOAST automation is drafted in cheat sheet for easy code maintenance.

Information includes the purpose of each method in code, each variable in properties file, Steps to debug code, Execution and reporting details etc.

Application package: Web app

Automation Tool : Selenium