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Case study

Implementing Soft errors in Junit

Customer : Leading Medical devices Manufacturer in US

Customer requirement was to continue the test case even in case  of failures using the existing framework built on Junit

Business Need

Customer requirement was to Validate the filed level security of ~200 fields across 100 Entities for 16 roles.

This is nearly 3K set of test cases

It was challenging for customer as test case stops when a field level security fails at one point, but the remaining fields security still needs to be verified on the failed Entity.

Junit was not capable of Soft errors, Test stops at the first error

How did we help them?

Designed a Solution which continues the test execution even if there are failures

We implemented a solution to report all failure in an Excel instead of using existing Allure report from framework

Any number of required parameters can be inserted into Excel as columns for the customer to easily find the failure points.

How did they benefit?

100% test coverage as no stops at failure points

Saved lot of time in analyzing the result as its easy to find out failure in excel for huge data combinations

Simple logic change to capture both Pass & Failure or only Failures in report.

Application package: Oracle Cloud PLM 

Modules: NA

Business Processes : Product Introduction & Life cycle manager

Automation Tool : Selenium 

Test Management Tool : ALM