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Improve Business Performance Exponentially

Automate Your Rules-Driven Business Process for Higher Efficiency and Cost Savings

Across various industries, a lot of business processes involve rule-based approached and knowledge-based work. A lot of these processes can now be automated by integrating robotic process automation (RPA) technology, resulting in highly automated and efficient business and enhancing customer experience.

At the heart of any digital transformation exercise lies RPA as one of the first cost-effective means of modernizing a business process. Vaisesika Consulting supports automating repetitive business processes that deliver measurable business benefits and help enhance productivity. We ensure reduction in operational costs and help businesses to scale. We reimagine the business process with intelligent process automation to deliver innovative business process services, built using extensive learning and testing, in complex client environments.

Our RPA Services Offerings:


  • Assessment of the current business process and associated approaches
  • Discovery of the business process 
  • Scope of the business process to define its boundaries

RPA Enablement & Governance

  • Define Metrics
  • Process improvisation
  • Best practices and knowledge management
  • Compliance and Governance

RPA Implementation

  • Build and deploy automated bots
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Workflow fine tuning
  • Training

Support & Maintenance

  • Bot maintenance & upgrade
  • Process customization for improvement
  • Training & support

Case Studies

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