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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Visualization

Any digital transformation journey has to begin with data. Organizations today are grappling with the big data challenge and making sense of all the data they have. Harnessing the true value of their data is critical in unlocking hidden insights to discover new business opportunities and sustain business growth.

At Vaisesika Consulting, we believe in a ‘listen first’ approach before we provide any solution. We work with our clients as a partner to understand their business and their data challenges, we gather insights from their industry and brainstorm over possible approaches to address the big data issues. We think from a long-term perspective so our clients are prepared for any unforeseen economic eventualities and are poised for sustained business growth. We enable enterprises to manage and optimize data more effectively with our rich experience in data management, data migration, analytics, business intelligence and visualization.

Data Visualization Services

Our Data Analytics & Business Intelligence offerings:

Data Management & Migration

We help our clients through the entire data journey, from data to insights to decisions and value creation through:

  • Data Discovery
  • Data Modeling 
  • Data Migration
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Warehousing & BI Management

Data Migration to Cloud

Cloud has become the catalyst for digital transformation, as it enables the flexibility to scale quickly, provide state-of-the-art services on-demand, and develop apps with agility. We use a structured methodology based on best practices to drive data migration. We help accelerate data to cloud migration using an accelerated data migration approach by

  • Understanding current data structure and business processes
  • Locating pain areas in the data value chain
  • Identifying the right cloud platform (AWS, Azure)
  • Plan the migration with a pilot approach
  • Enable migration in a phased manner with near-zero business disruption
  • Post migration support to enable business continuity 

Business Intelligence & Visualization

As an expert provider of business intelligence and data visualization solutions, Vaisesika offers comprehensive data visualization services so that you can make effective business decisions.

We can help you

  • Identify your most important business drivers
  • Eliminate unnecessary data
  • Rebuild your data visualizations and dashboards that give you better insights
  • Identify, develop, and create your own visualization solutions

Our Data Visualization Services

Custom Visualization Solutions

To help you see your data in the way you need, we provide data visualization consulting and engineering of custom data visualization solutions from scratch.

Legacy Visualization Solutions Reengineering

We can run a health check & review your existing data visualization solutions. We evaluate, and if needed suggest improvements keeping in mind the latest visualization best practices.

Support and Maintenance

We provide continued support and maintenance services that cover optimization, further development of the existing systems, as well as analytics system migration.

Vaisesika’s expert visualization team supports:

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