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ERP Services

Transforming your business in to a digital ready business through modern enterprise technology is a journey. Vaisesika’s ERP services are your guide through this journey and help you transform each business process and phase, step-by-step.

The digital transformation journey to a new enterprise system can be costly, complex, and fraught with risks. Our services and guidance helps you transform your business processes, systems to modern technology, and make significant improvements to your business performance from that technology transformation.

Vaisesika Consulting offers an extensive range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Advisory, ERP Implementation, ERP Integration and ERP Support) solutions to help optimize business processes, drive efficiency, reduce costs, manage risk and drive growth.

Expert ERP Implementations

We consult with you and support your implementation of off the shelf market ERP solutions throughout your entire organization with data integrity maintained. We have expertise with SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, Microsoft, and many other ERP implementations.

Salesforce Implementation and Support 

With over 10 years of experience in CRM development, Vaisesika provides Salesforce implementation services, including consulting, configuration, customization, migration and integration. We also deliver support and evolution services.

Custom ERP Development

We build custom functionality to off the shelf ERP software to meet your unique business needs. We can help automate workflows and business processes, modify existing solutions, integrate disparate data by creating custom modules to create a platform that functions seamlessly for your business. From financial management to supply chain, human resources and sales & marketing, we can build custom ERP solutions that cover all your business functions so you get the solution you need to reach your business goals.

Effective Integration Services

We help with effective integration of different ERP modules and use the centralized architecture of your business IT environment to ensure the scalability of your business by facilitating real-time data automation between systems.

Seamless Data Migrations

We help you update legacy systems ensuring data integrity when migrating legacy data. We will integrate raw data silos, modernize the data infrastructure and managing the data governance and efficiency to ensure a seamless data migration process.

Customizable Dashboards & Reporting

Our ERP services include building custom reporting solutions for your business intelligence, analytics and visualizations needed for your business decisions.

Case Studies


Leading Life Sciences firm migrates from a dated CRM to Salesforce (SFDC)


Vaisesika enables a Life Sciences organization to move to Siebel CRM

 Integration of SAP and Salesforce (SFDC) for a Life Sciences organization