Health Care & Life Sciences

Software Testing for Healthcare & Life Sciences
Ensure quality & optimize performance of Healthcare & Life Sciences-based applications leveraging our innovative testing practices and high-quality team

The Healthcare & Life Sciences industry needs to adhere to various rules & regulations under 21 CFR Part 11, GxP Compliance, & Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP). This necessitates compliance with a wide regulatory landscape, legacy modernization, transforming process & systems, improving IT efficiencies and ensuring functional efficiency, performance, security, and privacy of applications, data, & devices.

Vaisesika offers software testing solutions for diverse life science and healthcare players. We provide end-to-end Testing services, Test Automation, Computer System Validation, Computer System Assurance and Performance, Functional, & Security Testing solutions with a strong emphasis on regulations, compliance, quality, and more.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision



Vaisesika can help establishments in the healthcare segment to create an optimized IT infrastructure that will ensure enhanced efficiency, better healthcare, greater safety and improved patient experiences. Vaisesika offers a range of solutions for the healthcare segment to drive transformation by connecting medical providers to patient records, caregivers to colleagues and patients to practitioners for better care. We will enable secure exchange of electronic healthcare information across the entire provider community, while improving financial performance and market competitiveness

We have built an in-house AI based Automation Framework VAF(Vaisesika AI Framework) which is Validated for use on Validated applications.

Our services include general healthcare applications, embedded software for instrumentation, critical clinical systems, healthcare-oriented systems, or healthcare billing software testing.

Services Offerings

Support Compliance testing frameworks :


  • System Validation

Functional/Non functional testing as a Service for packages below :

  • Oracle CPQ
  • SAP
  • SFDC
  • Oracle Agile
  • Oracle PBH
  • JD Edwards

Other Services

  • Medical billing services and payment processing
  • Financial Management Software
  • Medical Document Management
  • SHR and Payroll Management
  • Enterprise Reporting & Business Intelligence Services.
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