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The User Interface (UI) is the bridge between the user and the system. UI design therefore has a crucial role to play in ensuring the usability, usefulness and efficiency of a software application, even where the underlying business logic has been diligently put together. A light weight and intuitive user interface will contribute substantially to user delight, and can go a long way in ensuring acceptance of the system.

Vaisesika has developed UI design into a fine art, focusing not only on various functionalities that a software system needs to provide, but also on the way in which it presents those functionalities before users. Vaisesika has on board a highly talented team of UI/UX Engineers focused on delivering outstanding user experience characterized by intelligent, intuitive, innovative and immersive design. Their objective is to design, develop and deliver GUIs that stand out from the clutter for their intuitiveness, user friendliness, and visual appeal.

Vaisesika’s UI/UX Engineers are passionate and committed about what they do, and always look at UI/UX from the end-user perspective. Their mission is to design, develop and deliver GUIs that stand out from the clutter for their intuitiveness, user friendliness, and visual appeal. They aim at precision and perfection in page layout, rely on proven methodologies and adhere to clearly defined thumb rules while designing user interfaces. They ensure that every UI design has a WOW factor.

Vaisesika’s UI/UX Engineers keep aesthetic appeal and usability in mind, and pay careful attention to the choice of various elements such as images, icons, fonts, colors etc. Care is taken to ensure that the pages have a simple, uncluttered look; that the images used are light and easy to load; that high-priority elements are given visual prominence to catch the user’s eye; that related elements are grouped together logically; that highly visible navigational aids are provided to help users along; and that the overall visual statement is in tune with the objectives of the web application.

Given below are key characteristics of Vaisesika’s UI/UX design practice that make it stand out from the clutter:

  • Intuitive and consistent design elements

  • Clarity in terms of visual hierarchy and content

  • Pixel-level precision in page layout

  • User-friendly features and ease of navigation

  • Responsive design to suit diverse device form factors.

  • Aesthetically appealing typography and screen layout.

  • Oodles of creativity to add on a wow factor to the design.

  • Brand-based theming to gel with overall communication language.

  • Process-driven approach to ensure consistency and predictability.

Our Design Approach


Lay down a UI/UX design strategy at the very outset. This is important because the GUI needs to articulate the brand, its guiding principles, and the long-term vision of the client organization.


Conduct research on competitive brands, current trends in UX design, new technologies being used, and how these can be used in the context of the project in hand.

Analysis & Design

Analyze proposed user experience design and create wireframes and visual concept design based on the finalized UX.

Working Prototype

Develop working prototype of the design using Web Technologies like HTML, CSS3, jQuery, and Bootstrap etc.

Pre-Production Version

Flesh out high-fidelity design adding content, digital assets and other bells and whistles required by the client.

Testing & Validation

Thoroughly test the work product for usability, responsive design, alignment, browser compatibility and other related issues.

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